Beach Gifts: 17 Incredible Gifts For Beach Lovers

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? Sun, sand and the ocean sounds awesome any time specially if you are a beach freak. If you are looking unique beach gifts then you sure are in the right place. Among so many gift ideas, let me show you some cool gifts for beach lovers.

1. Sand-Free Beach Mat

Sand-Free Beach Mat

What better than a relaxing day at the beach laying in a sand-free beach mat that traps the sand underneath thanks to its dual layers mesh technology making the sand disappear before your eyes.

Sand-Free Beach Mat

2. Emergency Wearable Flotation Device

Emergency Wearable Flotation Device

Be safe the next time you go for swimming or surfing with this emergency wearable flotation device that is strong enough to support a person of 280 lbs. Just pull the lever and a balloon will inflate to help you stay afloat. Perfect for surfers.

Emergency Wearable Flotation Device

3. Portable Pressurized Shower

Portable Pressurized Shower

Make it easier to rinse off when after a beach day with the help of this portable pressurized shower that is capable of holding up to 2 gallons and delivers a pressurized spray for up to 4 minutes. It also features a spray nozzle that offers seven different settings such as jet stream and soaking shower.

Portable Pressurized Shower

4. Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals

Make everyone jealous the next time you go for a walk on the beach with these adorable barefoot sandals that are handmade of cotton. They can be worn barefoot or with shoes.

Barefoot Sandals

5. Spikeball Game

Spikeball Game

Bring the fun to your beach day and fill it with adrenaline with the Spikeball game. This intense game can be played 2 on 2 with rules sort of like volleyball.

Spikeball Game

6. Face Down Beach Lounge Chair

Face Down Beach Lounge Chair

Get full comfort on a sunny day with this versatile face down beach lounge chair that features an open face cavity that can be adjusted. It allows for a comfortable tanning or a massage all while reading a book.

Spikeball Game

7. Reserved Beach Towel

Reserved Beach Towel

Take things at a pace that suits you the best knowing your spot is secure and reserved laying down this reserved beach towel made of 100% cotton and relax making sure your bed is safe for the day.

Reserved Beach Towel

8. Beach Headrest

Beach Headrest

Comfortably rest your neck with the help of this beach headrest that also keeps your personal items safe in the small compartment.

Beach Headrest

9. Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Make fun imprints in the sand with every footstep you take using these follow me bring beer sandals.

Follow Me Bring Beer Beer Sandals

10. Shark Repellent Band

Shark Repellent Band

Protect yourself the next time you go for a swim and add a peace of mind wearing this shark repellent band. Perfect for surfer enthusiasts.

Shark Repellent Band

11. Beach Vault

Beach Vault

You can finally relax knowing your stuff is safe and hidden at the beach without you guarding your valuables with the beach vault. Just dig the vault and go take a walk down the beach, take a nap or just enjoy playing with your family and friends.

Beach Vault

12. Donut Shaped Beach Blanket

Donut Shaped Beach Blanket - Incredible Gifts For Beach Lovers

Make every donut lover jealous plus get a lot of compliments at the beach with this gigantic donut shaped beach blanket that is 100% microfiber and measures 5ft x 5ft. It also works great as a beach towel.

Donut Shaped Beach Blanket

13. Hidden Sunscreen Lotion Flask

Hidden Sunscreen Lotion Flask

Take your favorite booze with you in the most discrete way with this hidden sunscreen lotion flask. This little bottle is designed to look exactly as a sunscreen bottle and is able of storing up to 8 oz of the your favorite beverage.

Hidden Sunscreen Lotion Flask

14. X-Large Umbrella

X-Large Umbrella

Protect yourself from the sun, wind or rain and comfortably enjoy your day at the outdoors with the X-large umbrella that is easily set up in seconds and features a large canopy to keep everyone cool while lounging on the beach.

X-Large Umbrella Shelter

15. Coolest Cooler

coolest cooler

Enjoy a great day at the beach with a cooler that has everything you need. The coolest cooler features a removable wireless speaker, a built-in blender for you to mix delicious drinks and a USB charger to juice up your gear. It sure makes on the most incredible gifts For beach lovers.

Coolest Cooler

16. Giant Beach Ball

Enjoy your summer playing all day long with this giant beach ball. This supersized beach ball can inflate up to 12 feet tall and includes a large valve for easy inflation.

Coolest Cooler

17. Collapsible Beach Wagon

Collapsible Beach Wagon

Carry your stuff effortlessly with this beach wagon that can load up to 150 lbs and features an adjustable handle and durable wheels to easily haul your gear in the beach.

Collapsible Beach Wagon



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